The Mission of Prodigies Child Care Management is to provide first-class on-site childcare to the employees and communities of partnering government agencies, universities, healthcare providers, and corporate employers.









Prodigies Child Care Management has a fundamental desire to help further develop companies and institutions by offering affordable, high quality, on-site childcare for their employees and community. Our goal is to operate the childcare center as an extension of the company or institution. We will listen to the needs and desires of the company or institution, as well as their stake holders, to create a fully customized child care solution. 

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"According to Hewitt Associates, 98 percent of major U.S. employers surveyed offer some kind of child care assistance to their employees... Many of these employers found that the most important criteria to evaluate when developing a child care benefit solution is that it must adapt to meet the unique needs of parents and the goals of the organization."

The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Child Care Benefits